One of the leading Latvian sawmill companies Kurekss and Pinja have signed a cooperation agreement. Kurekss will deploy Pinja’s forest industry ERP solution for sawmill and wood processing, Terminal by Pinja, in 2022. Kurekss’ main objectives for the renewal include streamlining its raw material procurement and log yard arrangements and having up-to-date inventory data available throughout the organization at all times.

In an effort to streamline its log yard monitoring, Latvia-based Kurekss has embarked on collaboration with Pinja and will deploy the Terminal by Pinja solution in full by end of 2022. Key reasons for the acquisition include the company’s pursuit to modernize its operations, shift from manual operations towards automation and stay updated on the status of the storage at all times.

– One of our important business focuses for the future is improved efficiency. Together with our lean management system and increasingly automated processes, Terminal by Pinja will help us improve our raw material monitoring and planning while also making the work more comfortable to our employees, comments Kurekss’ Production Manager Raimonds Pulmanis.

Overall, Kurekss’ forward-looking management holds sustainability and human orientation high in their priorities. The company emphasizes sustainable forest policy and respect for the environment, and aims at mutually productive, long-term relationships with everyone involved in the supply chain, from producers and staff to customers.

– By deploying Terminal by Pinja and the related ForkLift module, we aim to improve our log yard management and logistics system in general. Our staff sees great potential and vision in the solution, as it will make a huge difference to be able to see the volume, type and location of our inventory in real time throughout the organization. This way, we can get more organized, optimize our storage flexibly, and yield better results. This will also help our management make decisions based on up-to-date information, Pulmanis notes.

Located on the western coast of Latvia, near the port of Ventspils and surrounded by the largest forest massifs in the country, the Kurekss sawmill has a strong focus on exports in addition to serving essential domestic needs. Some of its largest export partner countries include the United Kingdom, Egypt, the United States and Korea. The company’s key products include construction timber, laths, terrace boards as well as profiled and planed timber. With an annual output of approximately 220,000m3, Kurekss is one of the leading sawmills in Latvia.

– Collaboration with Kurekss is also very interesting for us at Pinja, as the company has a modern, large-scale sawmill in Latvia and its management has a future-forward mindset, says Pinja’s Customer Manager Matti Eskelinen.

Once fully deployed, Kurekss will manage its entire log yard system through Terminal by Pinja. The company’s storage and inventory management process will be automated, manual work and risk-proneness reduced and contract management made more efficient.