Pinja and MiCROTEC have agreed on collaboration on digital sawmill solutions and value chain optimization. The revolutionary cooperation combines Pinja’s expertise on ERP, MES and production optimization with MiCROTEC’s unique log computed tomography and fingerprint technology, to support sawmills boost their profitability.

The collaborative venture will allow customers to utilize an all-new, advanced combination of raw material supply and cost data, production cost data and other business-critical data using Pinja’s and MiCROTEC’s digital solutions, now brought together for the first time.

Highly experienced and seasoned in the forest and sawmill industries, Pinja provides cutting-edge digital solutions for its customers’ entire value chain. The newly launched collaboration with MiCROTEC continues the company’s consistent strategy of finding and providing value-added solutions and features to its customers. The collaborative venture will further boost Pinja’s customers’ streamlined operations and full profitability potential.

“Digitalization offers significant productivity improvement potential for the wood processing industry, and it also allows improved and responsible use of natural resources. We are excited to provide our customers with the great potential that our collaboration with MiCROTEC brings,” says Veli-Matti Nurminen, CEO at Pinja Group Ltd.

As the global leader in wood scanning, MiCROTEC uses the latest computed tomography technology and AI-boosted software solutions to optimize log sorting and cutting. MiCROTEC’s technology enables advanced features related to aspects such as log recognition, log value measurement and cutting solution retrieval. The solution allows logs to be tracked with their unique fingerprints throughout the process.

The latest computed tomography technology is used in wood scanning.

“At MiCROTEC we are dedicated to our customer’s needs. Innovation and the continuous development of cross-process solutions for long-term growth and profitability for our customers is what drives us. The cooperation with Pinja is a further step to support our customers in optimizing their processes,” says Frank Jöst, CEO at MiCROTEC.

Combining MiCROTEC’s log value optimization with Pinja’s profitability optimization will create detailed information about the value chain and the process costs and, ultimately, lead to profitability increase for sawmills. 

”The new solution will enable significant profitability improvements for our clients. This is a ground-breaking innovation that will transform the whole sawmill industry,” says Antti Miettunen, VP of Digital Supply Chain Solutions at Pinja. 

Images: MiCROTEC

Further information:

Antti Miettunen
VP of Digital Supply Chain Solutions
Pinja Group Ltd
+358 40 546 7283

Frank Jöst
Chief Executive Officer
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+39 348 36 60 061

Arianna Giudiceandrea
Chief Sales Officer
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Pinja in brief

Pinja is your partner for digitalization and knowledge-based management. Our customers come from various fields of industry and digital society, with a shared willingness to use digitalization, software, analytics, and new business models faster and more efficiently than the competition. We are a responsible service provider. By boosting our customers’ operations, we help them achieve more sustainable business in a world that needs responsible solutions more than ever before. 

Pinja serves customers in 30 countries and employs approximately 500 IT experts. We are on a strong growth path and in 2022 our turnover will reach approximately 50 MEUR.

MiCROTEC in brief

MiCROTEC is the global technology and market leader in intelligent wood characteristics recognition for optimizing the use in the wood processing industry, and it has been setting the standards in this market since 1980. There is no process that is not streamlined, optimized, and accelerated by MiCROTEC´s innovative technologies and systems. Always committed to providing the customer with the most economically and ecologically sustainable wood utilization.

450 employees based in 7 locations worldwide serve customers in over 50 countries.