The cooperation initiated by Bitcomp, Pinja and the Forest Management Association has paid off when the LeafPoint® forest system for forest management associations was put into production on 1 September 2020. LeafPoint® is an ERP system that covers the entire range of operations of forest management associations, as well as the services provided to forest owners. The service was first introduced by the Päijänne Forest Management Association.

The new system will bring several significant improvements to the operations of forest management associations. The aim is to enable forest management associations to significantly increase the efficiency of their work and to improve the customer service experience. The system is designed to cover all phases of forest management associations’ activities, from forest management planning to the supply of wood raw material. It also enables cash flow management at various stages of operations, such as timber fees, contractor settlements and the cost of forestry work. Particular emphasis has been placed on functional and interactive customer management.

The system has already received praise for its wide range of maps, which allows layering of maps from different service providers in the same view. We have also received positive feedback of the possibility to edit the pattern data with the mobile application, which has made it possible, for example, to update the pattern data when planning a stand in the terrain. We will further invest in supporting mobile work in the future as the system is developed.

“The automation of various manual work phases and the updating of data directly from the terrain to the system are key to streamlining the work of association clerks. The LeafPoint system has convinced us with its agility and rapid development work. Among others, the system works seamlessly with financial management and the service” Petri Takalo, Executive Director of the Päijänne Forest Management Association, summarizes.

The LeafPoint® system uses new technological solutions. Behind them are Bitcomp’s and Pinja’s finished products and components, which are already widely used in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The introduction of the system does not require large-scale product development investments from forest management associations. During the development phase, close cooperation was established with forest management associations, which has enabled to accurately take into account the specific features of the industry in the usability of the system.