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Nerkoon Höyläämö is a family company founded in 1976 that employs almost 40 professionals in the wood industry. The company aims to develop safe and environmentally friendly wood products for the homes of the future. The wood products are planed, cut if necessary and packed as desired by the customer. The diverse product range includes e.g. exterior cladding boards, mouldings and panels as raw material or processed end products. The planing mill also manufactures products according to dimensions provided by the customer, e.g. for restoration projects. In addition to Finland, products are sold to e.g. Denmark, Germany, France and Slovakia.

Nerkoon Höyläämö acquired the Timber by Pinja ERP system designed for planing and sawn timber processing. Timber by Pinja is designed to fully support the degradable structure of wood, enabling optimal use of timber. The ERP features required for the operation of the planing mill, such as splitting, planing and surface treatment, have been implemented in the Timber by Pinja system to support the customer’s production of high-quality wood products.

Timber by Pinja is an ERP system designed for the needs of the sawmill and wood processing industries. The system is currently used by more than 40 sawmills and wood industry companies in Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries, and Russia. In addition to versatile functions, Timber by Pinja offers its customers e.g. production optimization and real-time unit-based profitability calculation. Pinja’s systems cover the entire production chain, from wood procurement, harvesting and transportation to sawing and delivery of the finished product to the customer.

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