Veljekset Vaara Oy is a family company with a long tradition, which today employs more than 50 professionals in the wood industry. In addition to standard-sized sawn timber, the company manufactures primed, surface painted and fire-protected interior and building panels. Veljekset Vaara Oy follows in all its activities the work ethic of a sawmill professional in accordance with their grandfather’s instructions: “Do a good job and be honest. That will maintain your reputation.”

Operating in Tervola, Veljekset Vaara Oy acquired the Forest by Pinja ERP system, which was developed to manage wood procurement, harvesting and logistics. Veljekset Vaara Oy uses the system e.g. in wood procurement, harvesting planning and implementation, transportation and wood resource management. Forest by Pinja is a modular system, enabling new functions or customer-specific customizations when needed.

In 2015, the cooperation expanded, as Veljekset Vaara Oy acquired the Timber by Pinja ERP system for the production plant. The system manages incoming raw materials, production from intermediate stages to deliveries – practically the entire production process. During 2019, the system was supplemented with Pinja’s ForkLift application, which has made forklift tasks easier and faster.

Forest by Pinja is an ERP system developed by Pinja and designed for the wood procurement needs of the forest industry. The system is used by dozens of wood industry companies in Finland and abroad. The Forest by Pinja software enables fully electronic timber trading, as well as real-time harvesting and transportation. The software can also be used to comprehensively manage the processing of energy wood. Pinja’s systems cover the entire production chain, from the sale and harvesting of wood to the sawing and processing of timber.