The Once system
The Once system offers remarkable benefits and streamlines the management and reporting of energy production and fuel deliveries.

Pinja and Antares Group Inc. have entered into a distributor agreement regarding the Once by Pinja solution for the U.S. energy market.  Under this agreement, Antares will lead Once sales, implementation, training and support for local operators in the energy, forest products, biofuels and waste management industries in North America.

– Over the years, we’ve been monitoring the IT solutions and market situation in the U.S. energy industry. Our solution can considerably improve the performance of power companies, pellet, biofuel and biogas manufacturers as well as waste management and recycling operators. This distributor agreement with Antares will give us an opportunity to offer our solutions to a new and important market, was told from Pinja.

– We are very pleased to help Pinja bring Once to U.S. customers.  The Once by Pinja system has been developed over a period of two decades for Finland’s industries.  It is a mature and sophisticated system that allows managers the ability to streamline and optimize supply chains where even small cost and efficiency improvements can result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost savings per year.  There is no product commercially available today in the U.S. that rivals the capabilities of Once, said Kevin Comer, Associate Principal of Antares Group Inc.

The Once solution streamlines the order, delivery, receiving, storage, reporting (including environmental and sustainability reports) and quality control functions for solid fuel and other bulk material supply chains. The system is integrated with production equipment and the rest of the infrastructure of the facilities, and is accessible by authorized mobile devices.

Implementation of the Once system makes the supply chain more efficient, reduces manual labor and increases the capability to manage the cost, quality, and sustainability-related tracking and reporting for purchased bulk materials. It also provides enhanced information exchanged across vendors and facility operators.

Tim Rooney
Project Manager, Antares Group Inc.
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Established in 1992, Antares Group Incorporated is a privately-owned engineering and technical services company that specializes in producing cost-effective solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for utility, industrial, commercial, institutional, and governmental clients.  Antares is headquartered in Lanham, Maryland and has office locations throughout the U.S. Antares supports private clients with resource analysis, technical due diligence and engineering design services in support of project development and financing. Further, Antares partners with industry, foresters, farmers, government researchers and academia to help develop biomass feedstock supply systems for the next generation of biomass energy and biofuels technologies.