Pinja will supply a CMMIS (Computerized Maintenance Management Information System) for modern Pohjanmaa-class corvettes of the Finnish Defence Forces’ Squadron 2020 project. The CMMIS will ensure comprehensive maintenance for all vessel functions and the required level of equipment reliability. The new vessels are important for Finland’s defence and will form the backbone of the maritime capability of the Finnish Navy. The vessels will be built in Rauma, Finland, by Rauma Marine Constructions.

The demanding application sets particular requirements also to the chosen maintenance system.

– The system plays a key role in ensuring equipment maintenance and reliable operation. Therefore, we consider this a remarkable expression of confidence towards our operations and system. We are naturally extremely grateful, says Pinja’s Sales Manager Eppu Kuusela.

According to Kuusela, the system to be introduced in the vessels is versatile and has extensive functionalities. Although Pinja’s CMMIS are widely used in the logistics sector and many seafaring vessels, the system delivery is the first of its kind for the Finnish Defence Forces.

The construction of the vessels will start in 2022 and all vessels of the Squadron 2020 will reach operational capabilityfor the Finnish Navy in 2028.

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