The first Finnish fully automated weighbridge-operated waste station opened on 30 January in Liperi, Finland. The reporting and monitoring process of the self-service waste station of Puhas Ltd. is carried out by the Once® by Pinja system.

On two days in each week, the station is manned for recording incoming loads. When the staff is not present, waste can be delivered to the waste station via an automated self-service gate. The Once system controls the gate, booms, traffic lights, as well as load recording and invoicing based on information received from the payment terminal and a QR code.

Once improves efficiency of order and supply chain management

Once® by Pinja increases the efficiency of supply chains, reduces manual work and facilitates communication between suppliers and plant operators.

– Our solution for material flow management is now tuned and tested to the needs of circular economy. The solution is already in use in different industries in 300 applications both in Finland and many other European countries. In Finland, more than 60% of all solid fuels is processed by Once – every month Once processes more than 70,000 loads, says Director, Once Heikki Hämäläinen from Pinja.

Once® by Pinja is already in use in different industries both in Finland and many other European countries.The opening of the self-service waste station was on 30 January.

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