Tieto and Pinja, one of the leading information system suppliers in the sawmill industry and wood supply chain in Finland, will start cooperating to expand Tieto’s Forest Hub ecosystem service to the sawmill industry.

The wood and fiber supply chains are complex ecosystems that handle large numbers of business transactions between different organizations. Tieto’s Forest Hub service helps ecosystem members in the forest industry’s wood supply chain to improve wood logistics and mill acceptance processes.

Tieto Forest Hub improves day-to-day operational planning and monitoring, inventory management and data quality, and reduces the amount of manual work and errors. The service is open to all actors in the sector, from large forest industry companies to small and medium-sized businesses, including bioenergy producers.

“Forest Hub brings productivity benefits and new opportunities for our customers to use and analyze detailed data. Pinja’s goal is to be a pioneer in the digitalization of the industry and to offer our clients modern tools to support decision-making” says Antti Miettunen, Business Director of Wood and Forest Systems at Pinja.

“Pinja’s involvement is a significant step for the Forest Hub ecosystem, as it opens up new opportunities for the sawmill industry to quickly join the service and enjoy the business benefits it brings” says Jaakko Kuusisaari, Wood & Fibre Product Business Manager of Tieto.

Tieto Forest Hub is based on the Business Information Exchange (BIX, www.tieto.com/bix), a cloud service for B2B integration. Tieto BIX currently has 1,500 direct customers and 26 sales partners and handles almost 500 million transactions a year.

More information:

Jaakko Kuusisaari, Manager, Wood & Fibre Solutions, Tieto
Tel.: +358 (0)40 501 5197 e-mail: jaakko.kuusisaari[at]tieto.com

Antti Miettunen, Business Director, Wood and Forest Systems, Pinja
Tel.: +358 40 5467283 e-mail: antti.miettunen[at]pinja.com