The technology company Pinja and the data and cloud delivery center company Ficolo have agreed on cooperation on data center business. This means that, in the future, Pinja’s current data center services will be provided from Ficolo’s data center.

For Pinja, the arrangement is part of the company’s strategy implementation process. During the past two years, Pinja has made a total of seven company and business acquisitions enabling it to place a stronger focus on industrial renewal and digitalization.

– This business deal is part of implementing our strategy. With the cooperation, we can further expedite our development of expertise in services for renewing the industry, such as digitalization solutions. For IT infrastructure and cloud platform services, we partner with companies like Ficolo that meet international requirements and have sufficient operational volumes, says Veli-Matti Nurminen, CEO of Pinja.

For Ficolo, the business acquisition is part of its strong growth strategy that includes both company acquisitions and new investments. Ficolo is the largest Finnish-owned company in data center business and one of the leading operators in Finland. In April, Ficolo purchased a data center located in the capital area and is investing over 50 million euros in its expansion and development.

– Our goal is to become the leading data center operator in Finland. Many Finnish companies value the Finnish ownership and, for foreign companies, our location and range of services offer excellent possibilities to operate as a regional provider, says Seppo Ihalainen, CEO of Ficolo.

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Veli-Matti Nurminen, CEO Pinja
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