At our stand, you can test e.g. the Gema by Pinja system for production control and development!

At this year’s Subcontracting Fair, Pinja’s display includes a laser scanning for precise measurement and an HIL simulator for agile product development. In addition, we will present the Novi by Pinja system for maintenance management, the Gema by Pinja system for production control and development and an electric propulsion system based on a new battery technology. Welcome to meet us at our stand E112!

Laser scanning for quick and precise measurement

At Pinja’s stand, you can familiarize yourself with impressive features and real-time data produced by the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner. Laser scanning is an excellent method for the documentation of virtually any area. It can be used, for example, in land surveying, infrastructure measurements and modification and maintenance projects.

The scanner allows fast and extremely reliable and precise measurements. Digital records created by the scanner provide millimeter-precision images and documented data.

Pinja implements comprehensive laser scanning systems providing also design and analysis services to support.

More agile product development with an HIL simulator

The HIL (Hardware in Loop) simulator displayed at the stand is a simulator developed for Rocla suitable for testing the control systems of electric forklifts. The demo model showcased at the fair models forklift arms and its movements.

Pinja’s system accelerates product development and enables easy testing at an early stage. Significant benefits offered by the method include the possibility to test the components of complex equipment without an actual process or system, achieve good test-retest reliability and test hazardous situations in a safe environment. This is particularly useful in product development as problems can be eliminated before building an expensive prototype.

Systems for preventive maintenance and efficient daily management

Showcased at Pinja’s stand, there are also the Novi by Pinja system for maintenance management and the GEMA by Pinja system for production control and development.

The Novi system is used for digitalizing data related to the management and development of industrial maintenance and for the needs of the maintenance personnel and supervisors. At our stand, you can test how the intuitive visual user interface of the Novi system helps you improve team cooperation and identify and localize problem areas in production.

The GEMA system is a MES level system solution that helps engage production operators in the development work and motivate them. GEMA is based on the most modern machine monitoring system available on the market, which – completed with the features of your choice – will grow into a full-scale MES system. Welcome to test the easy-to-use GEMA at our stand!

Hybrid solutions for large vessels, too, thanks to the battery technology

In 2018, Pinja delivered an electric propulsion system for the research vessel Aranda, which is the first Finnish vessel utilizing the new battery technology.

At Pinja’s stand, you can use the simulated user interface of the propulsion system to test how to switch on/off the vessel equipment, operate the virtual propeller and use the accumulator battery.

On Aranda, electric power can be utilized for ice breaking, for example. The vessel can operate as long as 45 minutes relying completely on the mere accumulator battery, which is a great benefit allowing absence of unnecessary noise during seabed echo sounding, for example.

This electric drive solution and battery technology can also be utilized in other areas, such as in the mobile work machine, energy and paper industries.

Seminar for improving production efficiency

Also remember our seminar dealing with the use of digitalization for improving production efficiency. The seminar is organized during the fair in the Fokker meeting room on Wednesday 25 September at 12.30–2.30 pm.


Subcontracting Fair 2019

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24–26th Sep 2019