On the left: Jarkko Suominen (CTO, Powen), Sari Suominen (CEO, Powen), Janne Hakala-Ranta (COO, Pinja), Arja Kuukkanen (consultant, trainer, Powen) and Pasi Era (Product Manager, Powen)

Huge business potential hiding in data held by companies

Pinja has acquired the majority share of Powen Oy. With this business acquisition, the two companies are able to offer the entire package: from production data collection to real-time reporting services for the top management. New business intelligence services also open up new jobs in companies continuing with their own brands.

“We can now combine data, which is often collected manually and therefore lagging behind, in a new way with business intelligence. It’s important to understand that business intelligence services are the more valuable, the more up-to-date and high-quality the available data is. This combines ‘brawns’ with business management”, said Janne Hakala-Ranta, COO of Pinja.

For example, up-to-date information about production and sales is vital for companies. The goal is to create a constant service instead of consultation.

Pinja has strong roots in services and industry production, and nearly 30 years of experience in how the data produced by the different departments of companies is analysed. Powen has a history nearly as long, in analysing and visualising data to support the decision-making process of corporate management. In the future, the common goal is to reduce the gap between management and production in client companies, to reduce unnecessary work, and also to create new business from the previously unutilized mass of data, in large and small companies alike.

“For example, up-to-date information about production and sales is vital for companies. The goal is to create a constant service instead of consultation. This requires a large organisation at the background, and completely different kinds of services, such as cloud-based services, a service desk, and an integration service bus for moving information. Pinja will be the foundation of these services, and Powen will bring its know-how for management reporting”, Hakala-Ranta said.

Companies’ own and open data mainly unutilized

According to some estimates, only 15 per cent of companies analyse the data they collect. The problem may be that the right kind of data that would genuinely support the decision-making process is not available, it is not available early enough to support the decision-making process or to reduce mistakes, or people do not know how to analyse data or to make practical use of it.

“Here is a huge business potential for many companies. There’s also a lot of open data which could be used to generate new business. Finland may be technologically advanced in this, but it doesn’t mean that companies know how to make use of data right now. We need specialists who are able to combine data with business needs”, said Sari Suominen, CEO of Powen.

The goal is to offer services with a low threshold, and to bring business intelligence within the reach of companies of all sizes, also on an international level.

“We provide cost-efficient services for companies of all sizes. After all, everyone can benefit from understanding what’s happening on the markets, developing the company’s own internal processes, and to see what’s profitable and what isn’t. We are focusing on companies being able to make the most of data with clever methods, and being able to purchase business intelligence as a service. Services will be scaled, and there’s no need to get any heavy software”, Suominen said.

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