Flow has been designed for Finnish and international circular economy operators. The product can be adapted to the needs of various circular economy operators.

Flow by Pinja is a new management and reporting service for material flows, developed for circular economy operators. The easy-to-use mobile application combines operating methods, employees, and systems while collecting and refining data.

Solutions that make the management of material flows more efficient are needed in the quickly growing circular economy market. To achieve competitive advantages, it’s important that delivery chain management is implemented in a modern way with the help of technology. Due to the nature of the operations, it must be possible to combine the specificity and ease of material flow management.

Flow, which can be connected to a scales system or replace it completely, makes material flows visible, making their management and invoicing efficient. Flow collects, distributes, and reports data exactly where needed with just a few clicks.

“Circular economy is an area that unites many of our customers. We developed the Flow software product because we want to help our clients socially and globally in a very important and growing business area. The Flow product has been developed together with our clients, and we utilised our robust experience from providing delivery chain solutions to various industries,” says CEO Veli-Matti Nurminen from Pinja.

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Flow by Pinja – A system for improving the efficiency of circular economy material flows
Industry: Energy, circular economy and natural resources