Founded in 2005 and operating in Ii near Oulu, V.A.V. Group is a Finnish expert in sealing solutions, raw materials and installation technology. The company’s main market lies within Finland, but some of the production is exported. Steadily growing sales have brought the need to increase production efficiency. The Gema by Pinja production data collection and control system was acquired to assist with the task.

Prior to the system acquisition, the company did not use machine monitoring. Tracking production figures was challenging and at times even impossible. According to CEO Jarkko Peuhkuri Gema will make everyday life easier compared to the past.

The system acquisition had two main goals: increasing production efficiency and simplifying reporting.

Gema will enable V.A.V. Group to see the most important key metrics, line uptime and their efficiency in more detail. High-quality and real-time data serves as a basis for decision-making. Fact-based foresight can increase production efficiency by tens of percent.

A well-founded investment

Prior to the acquisition, V.A.V. Group calculated the payback period of the system and other factors affecting the profitability of the investment. It was important to know how much increase in production efficiency is needed in order for the investment to be profitable. By increasing efficiency, aim is to benefit the entire business, and therefore investments must always be justified and carefully considered.

V.A.V. Group turned to Pinja’s services because of their previous experiences.

When evaluating the project and the cooperation taking place within it, we ended up choosing a reliable Finnish partner. This way, we ensure good cooperation now and in the future.

Juho Arkkola, Pinja’s Sales Manager responsible for the sales project, thanks for the smooth cooperation and straightforward approach. Suitable solutions were found during the sales phase, which enabled effortless delivery of the system. Peuhkuri also thinks that the cooperation with Pinja has started well. Regular weekly meetings and close communication from both sides facilitate the progress of the project and the decision-making. Peuhkuri is already looking forward to the future.

– I believe that Gema will help us adjust our production machinery to meet the growing need even more efficiently.

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