In the photo, Tervolan Saha and Höyläämö Oy’s CEO Juha Kokkonen (left) and Lea Kokkonen (right), who is responsible for financial administration. In the background, a log sorting facility and a new sawmill.

Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy, a company specializing in sawmilling and wood processing, will introduce the Forest by Pinja and Timber by Pinja ERP systems in 2023. The purchase supports the company’s goal to further digitalize its operations and expand internationally. VK Timber Oy, Finland’s northernmost sawmill founded in 1956, is part of the same group.

The sawmill company aims for solid growth, supported by modern production processes. Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy is in the process of modernizing its sawmill operations, including the entire sawmill line. A €25 million investment in systems, including the purchase of new production machinery, will almost double the company’s operations and allow for an increase in staff.

“Growing operations require support from modern technology, and efficient sawmilling relies on real-time information. Pinja’s ERP systems support the digitalization of our operations and our internationalization goals”, says Lea Kokkonen, who is responsible for financial management at Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy.

Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy also places high value on quality management and production sustainability, as evidenced by the company’s several industry certificates. In the future, the ERP systems help improve and refine the traceability of raw materials and quality management, among others.

The company is implementing its first ERP system. According to the target schedule, Forest by Pinja is gradually used to support wood procurement and harvesting in May 2023, while Timber by Pinja is used to support sawmilling and downstream processing in September 2023. The production management systems cover the entire production chain and enable the flow of information from the forest to sales and delivery.  

Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy considered Pinja a natural choice as a system supplier, as the products are well suited to the needs of sawmill businesses. The deployment is performed in close cooperation with Pinja’s experts, and Pinja’s project management has played an important role in the progress of the project.

Veli-Pekka Hämäläinen, head of the Account Management team at Pinja’s Forest unit, is delighted about the cooperation: “We at Pinja are very pleased that a traditional sawmill operator like Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy chose our product-based software services to manage their entire supply chain. We have received a warm welcome as a new partner, and I look forward to seeing the results of the deployment project and the development of our cooperation in the future.”