Oy Lunawood Ltd, a pioneer in thermo-treated wood products, streamlines its business with the Novi by Pinja maintenance system. The company produces products from PEFC certified wood raw material for terraces, outdoor cladding, and interior design. Lunawood supplies its products to around 60 countries.

Since 2020, Lunawood has used the Timber by Pinja ERP system, which will be further developed and expanded in the company. The system covers the functions of the sale and production of thermal wood, from the reception of the raw material to the delivery of the final product. It is used extensively in areas such as production planning and automation, raw material sourcing, and delivery tracking. Pinja’s system also supports sales and inventory management.

Lunawood is committed to sustainability, and the use of modern technology has greatly enhanced the digital flow of information. The company uses the monitoring data provided by the Timber by Pinja system, for example on timber movement and handling, in its sustainability reporting.  

In late 2023, Lunawood will complete its system portfolio with the Novi by Pinja maintenance management system, which will be implemented at the company’s thermo-treated wood production units in Kaskinen and Iisalmi. The combined annual production capacity of the units is about 160 000m3. Novi by Pinja enables Lunawood to plan, implement and manage maintenance processes and preventive maintenance in its factories more efficiently. Later, the system will be used for the procurement of spare parts and, for example, for fault monitoring. 

Sharing two systems between production planning and maintenance streamlines the flow of information, and brings cost savings by reducing unnecessary work. For example, preventative machine maintenance in production units is enhanced by moving incident reporting functions from the ERP system to Novi. 

Pinja’s solutions are deployed as a result of close cooperation and joint development. 

“Pinja’s ERP system has enabled us to improve our profitability monitoring and production planning considerably. The deployment of the new maintenance system is an excellent opportunity for us to develop our operations also on the maintenance side”, says Ilkka Riihijärvi, IT Manager at Oy Lunawood Ltd.

Pinja is also delighted to see the cooperation expand. 

“We are delighted to be able to play an expert role in the development of Lunawood’s processes and to cooperate and find solutions that make their operations more efficient. We look forward to seeing the results of our expanding collaboration”, says Toni Hämeenniemi, Product Owner and Application Architect at Pinja.  

“Exactly, and it’s great to be able to extend the cooperation to maintenance as well. Lunawood has a clear commitment to continuous improvement in maintenance, which creates a good starting point for long-term cooperation”, says Juha Nyholm, Sales Manager of Pinja’s maintenance solutions.

Photo: Lunawood

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