Akseli, Atria’s knowledge management portal, is the result of a long collaboration between Pinja and Atria

The cooperation in brief

Cooperation on knowledge management started already in 2008

The starting point more than ten years ago was that you could have covered a hill with all the spreadsheets, and no-one really knew for sure which spreadsheets were the most up-to-date.

Cooperation for up-to-date data

The result of the collaboration is a data warehouse of accurate and up-to-date data from dozens of source systems.

A widely used system

The data warehouse and reporting solution is in daily use throughout Atria in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and at Group level, and will be further expanded piece by piece.

With Pinja, it feels like we are around the same table on projects, not on opposite sides, and there is a strong sense of working together.

Harri Tuominen, BI Architect, Atria

Atria’s knowledge management portal

Atria’s knowledge management portal, Akseli, was launched back in 2008. The starting point was that you could have covered a hill with all the spreadsheets, and no-one really knew for sure which spreadsheets were the most up-to-date.

The knowledge management portal was built with the good cooperation of Atria’s Akseli team and Pinja’s Juha Salonen’s team. Over the years, new needs have emerged and new areas are being built around Akseli as they appear.

Akseli has expanded enormously over the years, and the journey continues

Akseli is currently used by more than 800 Atria employees internationally, in addition to management users, in their daily work. Thanks to Akseli, people working in areas such as primary production, manufacturing, supply and contract management, finance, internal accounting, sales and marketing, and HR, can get accurate and up-to-date information without asking anyone. Akseli saves a lot of time and effort.

Together with Atria’s Akseli team, Juha’s team has built a BI data warehouse that collects data from dozens of source systems. The implementation currently uses the latest tools of the SQL server family and the environment includes numerous servers running databases, cubes, reports and ETLs. Power BI has enabled the creation of a visual solution that is comfortable to use. No individual user has any idea how many things are running in the background and where all the data originate from. And they don’t need to, because Akseli takes care of everything.

Atria in a nutshell

1994 founded in

Around 1.5 billion euros turnover (2021)

3 711 average number of staff

4 countries

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