Business Intelligence

From data searching to data-driven decision-making

Leverage our refined operating model to make Power BI reporting smarter

Leading with business intelligence, we mean decision-making based on the right data. Through reporting and data visualization, we can gain better insights on the current state of the organization or company and improve predictability.

In addition to high-quality data, good decision-making is based on sharing the data with those involved in decision-making. Fluent data-driven decision-making improves competitiveness, increases the self-direction of employees, and brings cost savings.

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90 % provides BI solutions built into the cloud in 2022 (Gartner)

3/4 of business data remain unanalyzed (Forrester).

Why use Power BI as a business intelligence solution?

Market-leading BI solution (Gartner 2021)

Does not require large investments – quick and clear deployment

Expandable with data warehouse according to the needs of the organization

Why is further processing of data increasingly important?

Modern self-service BI tools can help combine, analyze and visualize large amounts of data cost-effectively, in a format that facilitates decision making. BI tools enable integration of human intelligence into the data, which leads to service development and innovation of completely new services. Cloud-based BI tools bring cost savings when there is no need to invest in physical data centers.

Through digitalization, data collection has been intensified and the amount of data has increased. Many companies cannot utilize this huge amount of data. Enhanced reporting can produce remarkable benefits and improve both the efficiency and competitiveness.

Solutions for data collection, analytics, reporting and data warehousing

We know what to do when a company’s data needs to be aggregated from a variety of sources for business reporting, analysis, and forecasting. We create data warehouses that aggregate the data sources of the company reliably and securely, considering even the most demanding needs.

Your company gets a visual and clear view of the different needs of the business, facilitating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reporting and forecasting.

You will gain access to our extensive experience and understanding of the needs of digital society data-driven decision-making and processes.

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Definition project

In the reporting definition workshops, a viable reporting set is formed from the needs of the organization. The result of the definition phase:

  • The workshops prioritize the most important reporting sets and contents
  • You will gain access to top-level descriptions of reporting sets and the phases of the solution
  • We define, describe and visualize the metrics
  • A reporting roadmap is created for your company

The definition project includes a kick-off meeting, three remote workshops and a presentation of the final result. Price €4,500 (VAT 0%).

The deployment of the Power BI reporting solution can be started directly after the definition.

Development of reporting with Power BI

We are a business intelligence partner specializing in Power BI reporting. We want to help our clients find their own direction in data-driven decision-making.

  • The definition phase enables us to find the most important metrics and reports that give results quickly after being prioritized
  • We build a Power BI solution that meets your needs and also scales to future goals
  • Deploying a Power BI tool does not require large investments
  • The core of our solution is to transfer Power BI expertise to the client 

Data warehouses

We design and deploy data warehousing solutions with the Microsoft Business Intelligence technology:

  • Data collection, cleaning, processing, and modeling for the data warehouse from various data sources
  • Data warehouse automations enable us to transfer data warehouses to e.g. Microsoft Azure, SQL Server or TimeXtender environments
  • Automation on laborious and manual ETL processes
  • Error reduction, automation of documentation, easier data warehouse maintenance and data visualization with BI

Manage the data and make it productive – Pinja’s operating model gives you visible results quickly

A clear definition phase

We ensure the success of the project and minimize risks by performing a clear definition at the beginning of the project.

Fast and high-quality deployment

Fast and high-quality deployment (PoC, Proof of Concept) to quickly obtain the first visible results in reporting development, automation, and visualization.

Controlled further development of reporting

Controlled further development of reporting according to business needs. Extending reporting and data warehousing to co-operators, advanced analytics and new services.

Knowledge transfer to the client.

We ensure that the client can continue using Power BI even after the joint development project has ended.

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