Finn Spring

Finn Spring, Finland's largest bottled spring water producer and manufacturer of high-quality beverages utilizes the Novi by Pinja maintenance management system to enhance its maintenance processes.

Functional cooperation from the beginning

Common guidelines for the development of maintenance activities were created at the very beginning of the project.

Quick deployment

The Novi maintenance system was deployed quickly and efficiently on schedule.

Extensive system

In addition to the basic system, other additional modules, such as spare parts management and work requests, will be deployed in stages.

The client has a clear view of how and why the maintenance system should be used to maximize its benefits in the future.

Ville Vilhu, Pinja

The challenge: No maintenance system

– Although Finn Spring has not previously had a maintenance system in place and Novi’s deployment project started from an almost clean slate, the client desired from the outset to deploy the system as quickly and efficiently as possible. The system was clearly needed by the company’s management, work management and maintenance installers, says Ville Vilhu from Pinja.

The solution: Rapid deployment of Novi by Pinja

The system, deployed in three weeks, has been in active basic use since the beginning.

– The deployment of Novi went quickly and we were able to use the program in production from the very beginning. Full use of the program will naturally require more work, so that we get all the machines and maintenance under the management of the system, and we look forward to having spare parts management available to us soon. We also introduced work requests for production and in our experience, they improve the operation of the line well, says maintenance foreman Mika Haaponiemi and production manager Jaakko Niemelä.

Finn Spring in a nutshell

30+ Years in business

approx. 100 M Litre annual production

approx. 90% Of spring water sold in Finland is produced

100 + Employees

approx. 30 M Revenue (2022)

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