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An IT partner that keeps you and your production up to date

Poorly maintained office and industrial IT environments are a risk. A single component failure, outdated software or a virus in the production network can instantly paralyze production for days. It is possible to avoid unnecessary downtime without breaking the bank and with foresight if you just know where the risks lie. One euro can save thousands of euros when risks are turned into proactive lifecycle management and ongoing maintenance. With a competent partner by your side it is possible to maintain and renew your IT infrastructure step by step.

We provide you with your own team of IT professionals specializing in industrial production

We inspect, maintain, and service your IT environment with a personal touch. We upgrade your business-critical systems, equipment, and networks to ensure they are up and running. We help you take control of both lifecycle management and security. We communicate openly and actively, so you’re always up to date with what we’re doing and what you’re paying for. We take care of documentation and backups so that important data is never lost again. Our open and transparent service allows you to focus on your daily work without unnecessary interruptions and worries.

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IT outsourcing services

Functional IT services from the right IT partner directly affect the competitiveness of your organization, when instead of tackling IT problems, you can focus on the core functions of your business.

Pinja’s experts will find just the right tools for your organization to ensure a smooth everyday life. Our transparent business process and documentation keep you up to date on what you pay for and what we do.

Microsoft 365 services

The most popular productivity cloud service of today, Microsoft 365 – formerly Office 365 – is a modern cloud services toolkit that adapts to a wide variety of needs and user profiles, regardless of company size.

With Pinja’s Microsoft 365 services, you ensure the successful deployment of the M365 environment, its efficient use, up-to-date data security, and you receive support from certified experts for the maintenance and development of the environment.

Maintenance of the production IT environment

There is a lot of critical IT infrastructure in the production IT environment, the maintenance of which is a prerequisite for efficient production operations, such as minimizing production interruptions.

A skilled partner will help you identify the risks to production and anticipate potential problems that may disrupt production.

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