Pinja will continue to grow and internationalize under the ownership of Norvestor, a private equity fund specializing in growing and developing companies in the Nordics. The seller in the transaction is MB Funds, which has been the owner of Pinja since 2017. Pinja continues to grow strongly in the international industrial software market and in the development of the digital society in Finland.

Pinja has customers for industrial SaaS software in 30 countries and it employs about 450 IT professionals. The company has grown into a major actor in the digitalization of industry and in building a digital society. Pinja is the market leader in SaaS software solutions in the forest industry, manufacturing, circular economy, bioenergy, and inspection business, among others. With the new owner, Pinja will accelerate its internationalization, aiming for a position in the global SaaS market.

– The industrial sector is accelerating the use of software and production-related data analytics, especially in Europe. In Finland, demand for the development of a digital society remains strong. In these areas, we want to be the choice recommended by our customers and a leading player in the industry, says Pinja’s CEO Veli-Matti Nurminen.

Norvestor is a responsible expert in growing Nordic businesses

Pinja’s new owner, Norvestor, specializes in investing in Nordic companies seeking international growth. Norvestor has 30 years of experience and a focus on investing in responsible businesses.

– We are excited to partner up with Pinja for its next growth phase. A great base has been set during the past years by Veli-Matti and his team by strengthening the software offering within the selected industries and gaining industry-leading customer references. Pinja is now ready to further accelerate internationalization and Norvestor is well positioned to support it. In addition to helping in digitalization, Pinja has a central role in supporting its customers in their efforts towards energy and resource efficiency, putting it right in the sweet spot of Norvestor’s investment strategy, says Marika af Enehjelm, Partner at Norvestor Advisory.

– We are very fortunate to have partnered with Norvestor who supports our strategy and with whom we can continue to develop our products and services and achieve even stronger presence in the Nordic countries and selected markets in Europe, says Nurminen.

For more information, please contact:

Veli-Matti Nurminen
CEO Pinja Group Oy
+358 50 385 9911

Marika af Enehjelm
+358 40 5536934

Pinja in a nutshell

Pinja is your partner for digitalization and knowledge-based management. Our customers are actors in industrial sector and the digital society who want to utilize digitalization, software, analytics and new business models faster and more efficiently than their competitors. We are a responsible actor. By streamlining our customers, we are helping them do more sustainable business in a world that needs responsible solutions now more than ever. Pinja employs about 450 IT experts who serve our leading Finnish and international customers in 30 countries. We are growing strongly and our turnover in 2021 is about 40 million euros.

Norvestor in a nutshell

Norvestor is a leading private equity firm focusing on mid-market buyouts in the Nordic region with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Luxembourg. The team has worked together since 1991 making it one of the most experienced private equity teams in the Nordics, having executed 78 investments with more than 300 follow-on M&A transactions, in addition to executing 53 exits including 16 IPOs. The Norvestor funds seek to invest in growth companies in the Nordic mid-market that have potential to achieve a leading Nordic or international position, typically through organic growth, acquisitions across fragmented industries and by geographic expansion. Read more at