Pinja acts as a development and training partner for data warehousing and reporting for the Helsinki University Hospital. The data warehousing solution to be implemented will be the third largest in Europe in its field, not only covering healthcare and specialized healthcare data, but also financial and HR data, as well as specialized ERP systems. The main objective of the development work has been to create a clearer and more comprehensive overview of the activities of the Helsinki University Hospital and its various units, and to enable informed decision-making at many levels within the organization. The data warehousing solution will completely replace the existing system of the Helsinki University Hospital.

The socially significant and large-scale project has provided Pinja with inspiring challenges and opportunities. “The project allows us to use the most modern tools in Microsoft Power BI and Azure. This is totally the cutting edge of technology. In addition, working on healthcare reporting is very important, as the reports we develop together are used to make decisions about the health of all of us”, says Pasi Era, BI specialist at Pinja.

Building a truly user-centric reporting solution for the Helsinki University Hospital

The amount of data managed by the Helsinki University Hospital is huge, and the systems are massive. There are many users and different user groups, information is collected from several different sources through the data pool, and a wide range of information systems are used simultaneously, varying from organization-wide systems to specialized systems. In addition to modern tools, close collaboration and good, agile BI practices are key to success. Careful organization and prioritization also play an important role. 

It is essential that solutions are built with the user in mind, based on real needs. Pinja’s approach is to always start projects with a clear definition of the client’s challenges, needs and objectives. At this stage, the reflection is not limited to source systems or technical implementation details, but the most important thing is to identify what kind of reports work and add value in everyday life. 

Even after the definition, we work closely together and listen carefully to the client at every stage of the work. The best result is achieved when the solution is worked on as a multidisciplinary team consisting of Pinja and the client. This was also the case with the Helsinki University Hospital. “Cooperation with the Helsinki University Hospital has been smooth from the beginning. The commitment to the development project at the Helsinki University Hospital has been tremendous, which has been a major factor in the success of the project. Matching the client’s contextual knowledge with Pinja’s BI expertise is a key part of making the reports truly useful, easy to understand and actionable for end users”, Pasi Era sums up.

Agile development drives Pinja’s BI activities

At Pinja, BI solutions are built using the agile development model that was familiar from the software development side. The regular and scheduled meetings of the Scrum method guide the team’s work smoothly even in the era of remote work, where the importance of meetings has become even more apparent. 

In the team, which includes experts from Pinja and the Helsinki University Hospital, roles and responsibilities are clear for everyone. The traditional client-supplier setup is secondary, as the work is driven by a strong “we” spirit, and things are genuinely done together. Pinja’s strength in BI is above all a learning attitude and a desire to understand the client’s business. This is underpinned by well-established procedures and high-quality documentation so that the process is clear and traceable.

Have you become interested?

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