In this picture: Veli-Matti Nurminen, CEO Pinja Group Oy (left) sekä Vesa-Pekka, Managing Director PiiMega Oy.

Technology company Pinja acquires software company PiiMega Oy, which specializes in the digitalization of supply chains, e-commerce, and ERPs for the forest industry.

– With PiiMega, we can better serve our customers right where industrial renewal and digitalization are currently in high demand: more efficient and responsible utilization of natural resources, circular economy solutions, and the building of a carbon-neutral digital society. Moreover, PiiMega’s eShop solutions linked to ERP systems are an important part of the renewal of industrial operating methods, Pinja’s CEO Veli-Matti Nurminen comments on the business acquisition.

Pinja strengthens PiiMega’s delivery performance and product development

PiiMega specializes in software solutions for supply and production chains, in e-commerce solutions, and in ERP systems for the forest industry. Oulu-based PiiMega employs over 100 specialists and has customers all over Finland and Europe.

– Becoming a part of Pinja enhances our current operations and opens up completely new opportunities. We can now serve our customers with an even more extensive service range, we get a fresh boost for our product development work concerning software solutions, and we have better opportunities for taking our business to the international stage. We are a great match, because both companies have a similar customer base and value creation model. Our competences complement each other in many areas, including the production of SaaS solutions and business intelligence services, describes PiiMega Oy’s CEO Vesa-Pekka.

Pinja – growth and internationalization through industrial renewal and digitalization

Pinja has experienced strong growth in the past few years. With the recent business acquisition, Pinja has purchased eight companies in the last three years. After the merger, Pinja employs approximately 550 specialists. The company’s estimated pro forma revenue for 2020 is around EUR 50 million. Pinja has become a substantial player in the field of industrial renewal and  digital society development. Pinja is the market leader in the production of SaaS solutions for industries such as the forest industry sector and manufacturing industry. The share of international business has increased in the company, and Pinja has a strong customer base for continuous services.

For further information on the business acquisition, please contact:

Veli-Matti Nurminen
CEO Pinja Group Oy
+358 50 385 9911