Gasum trusts Pinjas expertise on their Finnish biogas plants. Photo: Gasum

The leading biogas producer in the Nordic countries trusts the Once by Pinja Supply Chain Management System in all of its Finnish plants.

Pinja will deliver a Once by Pinja Supply Chain Management System for the Gasum biogas plant in Lohja, to be completed in the autumn 2020. Gasum is the leading biogas producer in the Nordic countries operating a large plant network. Gasum’s nine biogas plants located in Finland belong to the Once ecosystem. For example, inbound and outbound materials of the plant are managed by Once.

The annual production capacity of the Lohja biogas plant amounts to more than 40 GWh of biogas and approximately 50,000 tons of organic fertilizers. The plant receives mainly municipal waste and biodegradable side streams from the industry and agriculture.

In addition to material flow management, the Once system is used in many other central functions, such as warehouse management. The system facilitates management of customer deliveries as the plant delivers fertilizing products to customers. Customer invoicing and laboratory activities related to load sampling also function through Once.

Once facilitates the daily work at the plant allowing employees to concentrate on productive work.

“Before the Once system was introduced, we had several invoice complaints to sort out every month. After the Once system was taken in use, complaints have been reduced, which has brought significant time savings”, says Ari Suomilammi, Director of Circular Economy, Finland at Gasum.

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