Janne Lamberg is a returnee to Pinja. He returns to a bigger company than the one he left. Pinja now employs circa 550 professionals.

Janne Lamberg has joined Pinja’s team of industrial reformers; his task is to assist our customers in the streamlining of their production with the help of digitalization. New operating models and system utilization can greatly improve the efficiency of industrial production lines, even by dozens of percent.

– In industrial production, the world is full of dormant possibilities for streamlining. Most of these can be made use of quite quickly and with reasonable effort. My daily job is helping our customers with improvement of their operations and leadership, as well as introduction of digitalized production methods, Janne Lamberg describes his new job as an industrial innovation expert at Pinja.

In the industry domain, entirely new levels of productivity and operation can be reached with the help of production digitalization. For example, at the Orion pharmaceutical plant located in Salo, Janne Lamberg’s home town, good results were achieved through introduction of production line monitoring software provided by Pinja.

The data collected by the system revealed the most common problems with the lines. There were frequent product changes in the packing facility, which resulted in unproductive time. With the help of the monitoring software, the changeover times were cut by 30-50%.

– Production line productivity can often be improved by taking care of the following four digitalized functions: Production planning, traceability, ensuring continuity, and minimizing bottlenecks. For example, many of our customers utilize in production planning the PES system and, in addition to the monitoring software GEMA, the Novi maintenance system ensuring timely maintenance while avoiding excessive or insufficient maintenance in case of usage rates lower or higher than expected. The third tool is Andon, a request for assistance software for employees performing different production tasks. It can be used to reduce unproductive waiting time and to prepare for changes, Janne Lamberg lists.

Return to familiar work environment

Janne Lamberg is a returnee to Pinja. Before setting out to seek strong industrial expertise from LM Dental, Janne worked as an Account Manager at Pinja.

– My job at Pinja is largely independent and compatible with the life of a family man. I am free to make my own decisions, as long as they bring results. Returning to Pinja is nice, and there have been some good developments for our customers over the years. Since the team of experts has grown, we can now offer excellent services for more complex and larger customers.

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