Pinja and Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) have signed a four-year contract package on expert services related to knowledge-based management. The value of the package approximates 13 million euros, and the contracts further deepen Pinja’s partnership with HUS.

– Knowledge-based management produces better and faster decisions as well as practical benefits. In the healthcare and social welfare sector, it helps optimize utilization rates in operation theaters, promote faster access to care and streamline many everyday practicalities, says Pinja CEO Veli-Matti Nurminen.

Signed by the parties on 11 April 2022, the contract package covers project manager, solutions architect, integrations expert and reporting expert services related to knowledge-based management. With the contracts, Pinja will spur its recruitment efforts and hire new experts in several of its branches.

– Efficient data use is key in the healthcare and social welfare sector. We are very pleased that the partnership we launched with HUS in 2020 now evolves with this long-ranging contract and we can play a significant role in the digitalization of these essential services, Nurminen summarizes.

Further information:
Veli-Matti Nurminen
CEO Pinja Group Oy
+358 50 385 9911