Woodspin, a joint venture between Finnish textile fiber pioneer Spinnova and the world’s largest cellulose producer Suzano, chose Pinja as its partner for maintenance development.

Woodspin is the exclusive manufacturer and seller of wood-based SPINNOVA® fiber, which is produced using an ecological manufacturing process, and the end result is a fiber made without harmful chemicals. Woodspin’s wood-based and patented SPINNOVA® fiber produces no waste or side streams, and contains no microplastics. The CO2 emissions and water consumption of its production are proven to be minimal.

Woodspin’s factory, completed in 2022 in Central Finland, is the first commercial factory of the joint venture between Spinnova and Suzano, which aims to reach an annual capacity of around one million tons by 2033, thus meeting the growing demand for a sustainable product in the clothing industry, among others. Considerable effort went into the design of the energy solutions for the plant, with the aim of a low-emission plant that runs on 100% renewable energy and heat.

According to plant manager Ari-Matti Tuovinen, it was clear from the start that the plant needs a maintenance system even before production starts. This allowed, for example, the building of an equipment hierarchy and the accumulation of equipment data and history from day one.

As the plant is at its very beginning of its life cycle, the criteria for procurement were relatively clear and detailed.

– The main criteria were the management of the daily maintenance activities and certain functionalities such as spare parts inventory management and purchase order processing. Attention was also paid to the usability and scalability of the system.

According to Tuovinen, the system used on a daily basis must be modern enough to enable easy and quick entries in the field. Woodspin’s acquisition also highlighted the reporting and integration capabilities of the system, as its user base includes management and finance specialist in addition to maintenance and production staff.

According to Eppu Kuusela, the sales and key account manager responsible for the cooperation on Pinja’s side, everything has gone smoothly, and things have progressed as planned with the help of Woodspin’s experts. According to Kuusela, Pinja is enthusiastic about the new cooperation.

– For us at Pinja, it is important to be part of the green transition and sustainable development. Woodspin combines science and nature to produce unique and sustainable textile fiber in a scalable manner.

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Ville Vilhu
Director, Maintenance
+358 40 537 9575

Picture: Woodspin