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Modernize transport management and reporting using electronic movement documents

The UI of electronic movement document service

The electronic movement document helps meet the obligations of the Waste Act and facilitate shipment management and reporting

Are you perplexed by Finland’s Waste Act and the obligations it imposes? The information on movement documents must be submitted electronically to the national movement document register maintained by SYKE. The information of paper movement documents has to be entered into the register manually, which takes a huge amount of time, increases the possibility of human error and increases costs. However, this process can be automated with electronic movement documents.

Electronic movement documents are the first step towards more efficient use of time, the benefits of which go beyond mere waste reporting. Optimally, a digital cloud service makes transportation management and reporting up to date!

Blog: Electronic movement documents enhance transport management and reporting

Using electronic movement documents:

You make transportation easier and minimize human errors along the way

You will increase the efficiency of your business and intensify cooperation between the various parties in the supply chain

You can report for many different uses and monitor material flows in real time

Concrete benefits for transport management and the daily lives of drivers

An electronic movement document service facilitates the flow of information between all parties in the transport, and it is easier to control the transport when driving arrangements can be carried out without paperwork or phone calls. The information reaches the consignor and the recipient as soon as the loading is done and the movement document is generated. The various parties in the chain have easy access to the movement document via a PDF link.

The use of electronic movement documents – or electronic consignment notes – also makes the daily lives of drivers easier. Drivers no longer have to handle paper movement documents, as they can be completed on a mobile device. All receipts and signatures can also be collected using electronic movement documents.

The driver can clearly see all the tasks assigned to him, and is able to fill the information on the road. If the driver receives additional work, changes occur in the transport or there is a complaint in the supply chain, the information is passed on in real time.


1 The flow of information between the parties becomes more efficient and driving arrangements become a breeze

2 The information reaches the consignor and the recipient as soon as the loading is done and the movement document is generated

3 The driver no longer has to handle paper movement documents

4 The driver can see all the tasks assigned to him, and is able to fill the information on the road

More agile reporting for the new Waste Act and daily operations with electronic movement documents

The Finnish Waste Act has required the use of a movement document for the transport of certain waste since 2012. The authority also obliges you to keep the movement documents for three years. In addition to other official reporting, industry businesses also have numerous needs for internal reporting and data processing.

Compiling reporting data from separate spreadsheets or paper documents takes a lot of time. Documents may be in different places, they are often not backed up, and there is a risk of error in the interpretation of paper documents due to varying handwriting. Does everyday reporting and information management really have to be so awkward?

Electronic movement documents eliminate paperwork and headache about the accuracy of information. All the necessary information, such as supply chain events or official cargo data with EWC codes, can be easily traced and verified, for example during an official audit.

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1 Based on the data in the electronic movement documents, reports can be generated quickly for many purposes

2 Reports can be compiled based on, for example, loading location or driver

3 Electronic movement documents make archiving effortless as the data is stored directly in the cloud

4 The possibility of human error is reduced as the information is in a clear electronic format

Pinja’s electronic movement document is a cloud service that brings movement documents to the modern age

Pinja’s easy-to-use electronic movement document service has been developed together with users, taking into account the needs of drivers, as well as office workers. The service is browser-based and scales for different devices from smartphones to computers and tablets. It is easy for drivers to use the movement document at the destination and on the road.

Pinja’s electronic movement document service can be integrated into the Flow by Pinja and Once by Pinja systems, or it can be deployed as a completely independent service.

Pinja’s electronic movement document, which meets the regulatory requirements, enables more agile reporting for many different purposes. The electronic movement document service also improves the efficiency of the flow of information between the various transport parties, as the information is available to all parties of the consignment in real time.

The electronic movement document service's mobile view

Pinja’s electronic movement document saves time and makes everyday life easier

Get rid of unnecessary papers and spreadsheets

Reports can be compiled directly from the database. Forget about paper movement documents, folders, archives, and the frustrating search of information.

All data are securely stored in the cloud service

The movement documents are stored in the cloud service, and the three-year retention obligation required by law is fulfilled.

Information conveniently available

All digital documents can be easily accessed later, for example for authorities or billing.

Smooth data transfer between different systems

Through modern interfaces, the information in the movement documents is automatically transferred between different systems. Data transfer to the movement document register of the Ministry of the Environment is also easy.

Easy integration with the Flow by Pinja and Once by Pinja systems

For example, obtaining weighing data from the Flow by Pinja and Once by Pinja systems is possible without manual work.

A versatile facilitator of everyday life

Pinja’s electronic movement document makes drivers’ daily lives easier. The system is also flexible – for example, the load can be divided into several waybills, and the documents are easily readable by all parties.

Platform-independent and fast to deploy

The electronic movement document can be used on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Deploying the service does not require downloading a separate application, which facilitates especially the work of drivers.

Order the electronic movement document service

The service includes the following functionalities:

  • Works on both phone and computer
  • Automatic reporting to the authorities
  • Creating upcoming tasks
  • Compilation and reporting of movement document data (.csv)

Prices starting from:

  • Initial fee: 299 EUR
  • SaaS service fee: 49 EUR/month (includes 2 user accounts)

Inquire for custom quotes for larger user quantities!

Our customers include e.g.:

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