IT outsourcing services

We don’t just do what we are told; we provide a secure and transparent IT partnership

Functional IT services provide efficiency for everyday life

Would you rather spend your time on something else than solving IT problems? Or has your organization already outsourced IT services, but you don’t know what you are paying for?

Proper IT services allow you to focus on your core business on a daily basis, and increase the efficiency of your work with the right tools. Functional IT services are one of the most effective ways to improve a company’s competitiveness. A transparent operating process, in turn, tells you exactly what the service consists of and how its price is calculated.

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The most common concerns in IT services:

Working time is wasted on troubleshooting IT issues

The current level of data security and current risks are unknown

You have outsourced IT services but you don’t know what you’re paying for

IT outsourcing services in the hands of a competent and secure partner

You can ensure smooth and efficient day-to-day work in your organization with the support of Pinja’s IT outsourcing services and experts. We apply best practices for the maintenance and management of IT environments. We make sure that, for example, data security is always up to date by keeping up with the latest information on new functionalities and features. If in trouble, you can count on our experts’ help!

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Our operations in IT outsourcing services are transparent – you know what we do, why we do it, and what exactly you pay for

Distinct service

  • Clear and transparent billing
  • We only charge for pre-agreed actions, not our own mistakes
  • Clear invoice entries for jobs and services delivered
  • Expert-specific hour postings
  • 15-minute minimum charge

Up-to-date documentation

  • A partner portal for managing tasks: you can monitor the progress of the tasks and receive notifications of changes
  • Access to up-to-date documentation and open communication from our experts

Transparent actions

  • Approve estimates for development work before implementation
  • Open and active communication on the progress of work and the accumulation of costs

Pinja’s IT outsourcing services

Support services 24/7

  • Centralized contact point (SPOC)
  • Remote and local support
  • Service portal and ready-made instructions for general service matters


  • Equipment acquisition (one-off purchase or lease)
  • Installation
  • Delivery
  • Operating support and lifecycle management
  • Spare equipment solutions


Acquisition, management and support of software licenses (e.g. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Adobe)

Management and monitoring services 24/7

  • Service production according to the ITIL operating model
  • Service manager services
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Technical monitoring and backup solutions
  • IT environment documentation

Data security services

  • Data security management services
  • Modern password and access management solutions
  • Log management
  • Good practices and security consulting

Data center and public cloud services

  • Private cloud solutions in Finnish, secure (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and Katakri) and 100% green energy data centers (3 centers)
  • Public cloud solutions using Azure, AWS and GCP cloud services

Network services

  • Physical and virtual networks (office, production, data center and public cloud)
  • Remote access solutions
  • Data network and telecommunication connections
  • Network equipment
  • Network monitoring and management services (including IDS/IPS)
  • Network consultancy

Expert services

  • Mapping, design and implementation of IT environment solutions
  • Service implementation and training
  • Consulting, migrations and cloud transitions
  • CIO as a service

Our customers’ experiences


”The help of Pinja services has simplified our daily life and we have one less thing to worry about."


“Our technical problems were immediately solved six months ago when we outsourced our IT service to Pinja."

Sähkö Sinisalo

Sähkö Sinisalo stated what they needed and Pinja took care of everything completely as planned. Pinja’s people were fully in…


For example, Pinja installs new computers, resolves IT problems, provides Office 365 support and ensures reliable functioning of email traffic

How do I get started? The starting point for the collaboration is an understanding of the client’s goals, information work processes and issues

A 30-minute remote meeting to assess the situation

A proposed solution to achieve the goal

Joint assessment of the proposed solution

Cooperation agreement

Solution deployment

Support and maintenance services

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