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Machine monitoring and MES-system. Manage factory jobs and development with a single system – experience the easiest-to-use MES on the market

Improving productivity begins with collecting data from machines and people

When starting with production development, it is important to determine the current state and make it transparent. Industrial IoT introduces a wealth of opportunities for automatic data collection on the production process to map out its current state. Data collected from machines alone is however not enough, but you need people, most often the operator working in production, to enrich the data.

Guide: 5 tips for product management through digitalization

3 reasons to collect data from production machines automatically:

You’ll know the real-time status of production

You’ll recognize bottleneck machines

You can determine the root causes for stoppages

Digitized production data in support of shop floor management

The key factors for excellent production daily management are reliable and real-time data collection from production, modern management of maintenance and production planning, and data visualization that improves understanding. High-quality and real-time data forms the basis for daily decision-making. Fact-based predictions can improve production efficiency by as much as dozens of percent.

Production shop floor management is done on the factory floor. Production supervision will get together with operative employees at a common meeting, where the visualization of production key figures and deviations, participation, and data sharing play the key roles.

A modern IIoT solution

Collect production machine and device data with a modern IIoT solution


Get the operator involved in the role of data enricher

Easy documentation

The operator analyzes, comments, and supplements machine data with their personal observations

Scalable system

Make daily decisions relating to continuous improvement on the basis of the collected information

Lead with real-time information

Lead your manufacturing and your people on the basis of reliable real-time information

Visualizes your data

The MES system visualizes the collected and enriched data as information in a single and clear user interface

160+ Customers

340+ Applications

18+ Different countries

10+ Different languages

20 000+ Machine connections

100 000+ Deleted waste hours

Our solution: Gema by Pinja – production data collection and control system

The foundation of the Gema by Pinja system is the most modern machine monitoring on the market, which will grow into a complete MES system when completed with the desired features. For the production manager, Gema will provide the opportunity for visual and open production management.

Gema is an easy and cost-efficient way to start developing production according to Lean principles. With Gema, you can include and motivate your production operators in development and continuous improvement.

Gema is available as an SaaS solution or as an on-premise installation. The system is optimized for mobile and easy to use on any terminal device.

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Gema features

Our customers’ experiences:


Pinja’s production data collection and control system supports decision-making and investments in Peikko Group’s international factory environment.


The Finnish company Vahterus is a developer and global market leader in welded plate heat exchanger technology. The complex production…


The switch into Machine Track system was carried out step by step. First, 38 machines and 3 production lines were…

Fazer Makeiset

Lappeenranta’s Fazer confectionery factory updated its maintenance system by deploying Novi by Pinja – now installers can perform their job…


Cooperation with Pinja has enabled Panda to manage the maintenance of their plant without outsourcing.


Analytical monitoring of production began at the end of 2007 by introducing the Machine Track by Pinja system.

Meyer Turku

At the moment, Machine Track is used to monitor the operations of 17 numerically controlled automated machines.


Thanks to Pinja's systems, the maintenance work done to Teknikum's machines has become more efficient and the number of interruptions…


Anora’s production management was boosted by the Machine Track by Pinja system deployed in the Renewal project


Tibnor introduced Machine Track by Pinjan to further develop the operations of their entire plant.

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With Gema and an expert partner, you can develop your daily operative production activities towards a culture of top performance. We offer our clients a ready-made concept and support on the path of development.