EasyOpp, a provider of ERP services, continues its solid growth by leveraging Pinja’s versatile software development partnership.

The cooperation in brief

Starting with integrations

Pinja’s IPA by Pinja integration services allowed EasyOpp’s ERP service to be integrated with various financial management systems, freeing up EasyOpp’s resources for core activities.

System development resources and Service Desk respond to rapid growth

Pinja brought more resources and systematics to the system development of the fast-growing EasyOpp ERP solution. At the same time, Pinja took over EasyOpp’s Service Desk Level 1.

Electronic movement document service diversifies EasyOpp’s ERP functionality

Pinja’s Electronic movement document service responds to customer needs, and complements EasyOpp’s ERP system. The outsourcing of EasyOpp’s IT to Pinja and the next planned upgrade of the Service Desk to Level 2 will further free up EasyOpp’s resources.

The challenge with fast growth is that you need new people quickly. Pinja has been able to meet this challenge surprisingly well, and has found people with the right skills. Things have been streamlined and planned more effectively. Results have been achieved, and customers have been satisfied. Best of all, we continue to receive positive feedback that in 18 months we have created a system that really serves our customers’ needs!

Marko Heinonen, Chief Operating Officer of EasyOpp

Cooperation with Pinja boosts EasyOpp’s growth in the market

EasyOpp is a newcomer to the ERP space, offering a customer-driven ERP system that has managed to grow its business at a rapid pace. EasyOpp, which serves companies in the transport, earthmoving, property maintenance and cleaning sectors in particular, believes in customer-oriented, agile development and clear and easy-to-use interfaces. As a small but fast-growing operator, EasyOpp wants to dedicate its resources to its core business and use the services of reliable and competent partners.  

The journey of EasyOpp and Pinja started with an integration project. Pinja made integrations of the ERP system with financial management systems for EasyOpp. Transferring the integrations to Pinja made good business sense, as it allowed EasyOpp to focus its resources on its core business. At the same time, integration partner Pinja used its IPa by Pinja service to ensure that payroll and sales billing data can be sent to different systems as desired by EasyOpp’s customers. 

Pinja’s software development team implements the partner’s vision

Pinja joined EasyOpp’s system development in early 2022, when the rapidly growing EasyOpp needed additional resources. Pinja brought software developers and a project manager to the project to implement the vision of EasyOpp’s Chief Operating Officer Marko Heinonen: “EasyOpp’s ERP is like a chameleon. The customer does not have to adapt to our system, but rather, we adapt to the customer’s way of working, and automate and streamline the flow of information between systems. I want to develop our product based on customer needs. Once I have created a vision of what I want us to do, I give Pinja’s team free rein to make it happen”. 

Pinja’s project manager Tommi’s team is responsible for ensuring that Heinonen’s vision is implemented efficiently and in high quality. We explore how to make EasyOpp’s system development more efficient, how to increase automation, and how to best allocate the team’s time. As an experienced IT professional, Pinja has brought systematics, process efficiency, and modern DevOps practices to EasyOpp’s system development. 

“The goal of DevOps and CI/CD is rapid system development, which adds value to the client by allowing the system to be released in a short timeframe, piece by piece. Automating system development speeds up the end result, and eliminates manual and laborious steps such as installing software packages” says Tommi. 

Pinja also helped EasyOpp to raise the level of its service in terms of data security: EasyOpp’s software was moved to Azure’s cloud service, where security challenges can be tackled effectively. 

Cooperation diversifies with EasyOpp’s growth

As EasyOpp’s customer base started to grow rapidly, the service was strengthened by the introduction of Pinja’s Level 1 Service Desk. Pinja’s Service Desk receives the service requests, and prepares the tickets in the EasyOpp system. Customer demand and business growth were also the starting point for the next steps in the cooperation between Pinja and EasyOpp. The deployment of the Electronic movement document service and the Once service, a planned new supply chain management service for energy and circular companies, will further diversify EasyOpp’s ERP system. The Electronic movement document service provided a solution to the reporting requirements of the new waste legislation, especially for clients in the transport and civil engineering sectors. EasyOpp is also a reseller of the service. 

The next, natural step in the collaboration was to outsource EasyOpp’s IT to Pinja. According to Marko Heinonen, EasyOpp “does not want to reinvent the wheel”, but rather to take advantage of its partner’s know-how and expertise. In the future, Pinja takes care of EasyOpp’s IT equipment and services. 

EasyOpp’s tailwind continues, with growth also on the horizon in 2023 through acquisitions. During 2022, the company’s turnover increased by 300%, and its staff grew from one to twelve. Pinja is accompanying EasyOpp’s growth with a comprehensive set of services. The IPa team continues to work on new integrations, and the Service Desk will be upgraded to Level 2. Service requests are then received by a team dedicated to EasyOpp, which also resolves tickets and assists with deployments. The Service Desk offering will be extended to include EasyOpp’s Swedish customers in 2023. 

An effective partnership draws on the strengths of both parties

Both parties foresee continued cooperation in the future. “EasyOpp is an energetic and knowledgeable operator. Their industry expertise is top class, and this shows in their sales figures. There is a sense of doing in everything” says Jarno Ojala, Sales Manager for EasyOpp at Pinja. Tommi adds: “EasyOpp has a clear vision of where they want to go, and how things should work. But they are also aware of their strengths, and where Pinja’s expertise is needed. EasyOpp has a lot of growth potential and thus a lot of use for Pinja’s versatile expertise also in the future.” 

The EasyOpp cooperation is a good example of how Pinja can support a young, growing company on its path. Having an experienced partner alongside you at an early stage helps manage risks, for example in resourcing. Pinja is a strategic partner in its client’s growth. “Pinja has strong industry expertise. We invest in understanding our clients’ needs in depth. Although we are a large organization, we are agile, and listen to our clients” Ojala continues.  

Marko Heinonen is delighted with the positive feedback from customers: “The challenge with fast growth is that new people are needed quickly. Pinja has been able to meet this challenge surprisingly well, and has found people with the right skills. Things have been rationalized and made more systematic. Results have been achieved, and customers have been satisfied. Best of all, we continue to receive positive feedback that in 18 months we have created a system that really serves our customers’ needs!” 

EasyOpp in a nutshell

300 % annual growth (2022)

1 -> 12 annual increase in the number of employees (2022)

70 000-100 000 € invested in product development every month

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