EcoUp Oyj

EcoUp, a specialist in green building solutions, boosted its efficiency in acquiring new customers for its top product Ekovilla with the Total ERP system from Pinja.

The cooperation in brief

EcoUp chose Total ERP by Pinja as its sales tool

EcoUp’s Business Director Ville Koskelo chose Total ERP, familiar from his previous projects, to enhance Ekovilla’s consumer sales and customer relationship management.

Growth in new sales quickly

Thanks to Pinja’s solid knowledge of ERP systems, the deployment went quickly. Total ERP provided tools for more efficient new customer acquisition.

Increased efficiency from automating customer documentation

The customer documentation for EcoUp’s renovation projects will be prepared automatically in Total ERP for Ekovilla in the future.

With Total ERP, new customer acquisition has leaped a light year ahead.

Ville Koskelo, Business Director, EcoUp

Total ERP is a targeted solution for Ekovilla’s new sales needs

EcoUp Oyj is a listed company operating according to the principles of circular economy, which uses discarded materials as part of sustainable and resource-wise construction. EcoUp promotes green building by manufacturing products and raw materials from discarded materials, and by developing equipment and methods for the reuse of construction and demolition waste. All of the company’s green building projects are carbon negative and do not emit any harmful substances into the environment. The company’s main product is the Ekovilla insulation.

Ekovilla’s cooperation with Pinja began in 2021, when Ville Koskelo took over the management of the unit responsible for renovating small houses. Ville worked with Pinja in his previous roles for over a decade, and knew the potential of Total ERP for business development. EcoUp had a production management and sales system in place, but lacked a system suitable for managing its consumer business. Koskelo believed that with Total ERP, Ekovilla’s sales would be taken to the next level.

The deployment of Total ERP was a quick and straightforward project. Pinja has a long experience in deploying ERP system projects, and EcoUp had a clear idea of the challenges they hoped Total ERP would solve. Pinja’s team configured the client’s bidding calculators, titles, pricing models and price lists to make the deployment as easy as possible. Total ERP was easily deployed in the organization, but getting the most out of the system requires a commitment to develop the system even after implementation.

Modular implementation to meet business needs

EcoUp uses Total ERP specifically to support the consumer sales and customer relationship management of Ekovilla: customer acquisition, sales activities and contact management, bidding, order management and installation schedule management. The ERP system has been integrated with the company’s call tool LeadDesk and the financial management system Netvisor. The flexibility of Total ERP is a major benefit for the company – the system can be used in a modular way, and new modules can be added as and when required.

The next step is to develop customer documentation. In the past, documentation of renovated sites was done manually by compiling data, but now the aim is to create customer documentation automatically, directly from the installation schedule. The salesperson takes photos of the site at the start, and the installer takes photos of the work after installation. The photos are transferred to the installation schedule in Total ERP immediately via the mobile app. This provides the customer with comprehensive documentation of the work carried out on the site.

New impetus for new customer acquisition

The aim of deploying Total ERP is to improve the customer acquisition and bidding calculation for Ekovilla, and this has been achieved.To support customer acquisition, call cards were introduced to quickly record the results of calls made and automatically move on to the next call. The bidding process was automated so that the ERP calculates the bid price based on the data entered, and a bid and/or order confirmation is automatically sent to the customer’s email. Once the sale is confirmed, the bid information is automatically transferred to administration, installers, the installation schedule and billing, among others.“With Total ERP, new customer acquisition has leaped a light year forward”, says Ville Koskelo, Ekovilla’s Business Director.

Cooperation on the EcoUp ERP system project was a success. As Koskelo says: “Cooperation is good when you have the right people involved.” Ari Harjula, Total ERP Business Manager, and Tuomo Ranua, Product Manager at Pinja, add, “the cooperation was smooth and straightforward. It has been facilitated by the fact that EcoUp has always had a clear understanding of the needs that they have from Total ERP by Pinja and the modules they need to develop their business.”

Image: EcoUp Oyj

EcoUp in a nutshell

EUR 31.4 million turnover 2021

170 employees 2021

Over 8,000 sites per year at group level

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