Freebo AB

Fast-growing Swedish solar panel supplier Freebo AB has integrated the entire customer journey into Pinja’s Total ERP system

Briefly about the cooperation

All under one system

Freebo uses a number of different modules in Total ERP, from sales and order management to logistics and warehouse management. The entire business can be managed in one system.

Open dialogue

Freebo has regular weekly meetings with its own Key Account Manager from Pinja, who knows Freebo’s business and can find the smartest solutions together with the customer.

Easy to integrate

Other key systems have also been integrated into Freebo’s overall solution. Total ERP works seamlessly with HubSpot, for example. 

Freebo is growing rapidly, and therefore it’s important to have a well-functioning system support. It’s amazing that in Pinja we have found a business management system that keeps up with our growth.

Fredrik Rozén, Deputy CEO, Freebo AB

The entire business can be managed in one system

Freebo AB is one of the largest suppliers of solar panels in the Nordic countries.” We offer our customers tailor-made solutions for solar power plants that last a long time and help them become more self-sufficient” says Fredrik Rozén, Deputy CEO at Freebo. 

Pinja’s Total ERP system is used throughout the organization: “We have several different modules in use in Total ERP. Sales, order management, logistics, warehousing, installation planning… The whole customer journey is in the system.”  Fredrik is pleased with how smoothly it has been possible to integrate other services that Freebo has in use: “For example, we have recently implemented HubSpot, and it works together with the rest of the business management in Total ERP”, Fredrik says. “It is also easy to make changes to the system. At the moment we are adding production calculation and economics to the system”.

Fredrik describes the solar panel customer journey from a business management perspective: “It starts with the vendor helping the customer make the decision to purchase solar panels. Then the customer team takes over and initiates the order, filling in all the necessary forms for the authorities. After about 4–6 weeks it is time for installation. After installation, Freebo’s installer can create his own invoice via Total ERP.  All these steps are done in the ERP system, and all the information is handled in a single system.”

Total ERP has made everyday life easier

As it is possible to claim tax deductions on both the purchase and the use of a solar energy system, a lot of calculations need to made at the bidding stage, to give the customer a full picture of the savings that the investment can bring. “This is where Pinja’s ERP system has been very useful. Now our salespeople can calculate the tax deductions in the same system where the quote and later the bill are created.”

Freebo has approximately 45 employees and a number of subcontractors who handle the installation of solar panels at customers’ sites. “Our installers are happy with Total ERP. They work for us as subcontractors, and therefore need to do their own accounting and billing. With Total ERP, they can save a lot of time, as the bill can be created directly in the system, right after installation.” 

The vendors and installers can also upload images of the property and the roof into Total ERP. “This enables the installer to check the status in advance and document the installed panels in the system afterwards.” 

Fredrik points out that the installation is just the beginning; Freebo wants to create long-term relationships with its customers, and offer them complements along the way. “Our solar panels are virtually maintenance-free, but often the customer will want an addition to the system later, such as a charging station for their electric car.” Therefore, it is important to have an ERP system that includes all information about the project.

“Pinja understands our needs.”

“Freebo is growing rapidly, and therefore it’s important to have a well-functioning system support. It’s amazing that in Pinja we have found a business management system that keeps up with our growth” Fredrik says. 

Freebo has regular weekly meetings with their own Key Account Manager from Pinja: “It’s amazing how much we can solve in an hour. If there’s something we don’t understand, or we have questions collected during the week, we go through all that together once a week.” 

Fredrik finds that it is particularly important to have someone who is familiar with Freebo’s activities and understands their needs: “The close cooperation and constant contact with us are things that Pinja excels at.” 

“With Pinja, we have solved everything together in an ongoing dialogue. Success can be achieved with small steps, and that’s what we do, together. Together for a brighter tomorrow.”

Freebo AB in a nutshell

3 500 % growth in turnover from 2019 to 2021 (SEK 2.9 million in 2019 to more than SEK 107 million in 2021)

12 000+ satisfied customers in the Nordic countries

45 employees and a network of installers working as subcontractors

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The secret of the long-term cooperation lies in good communication, Pinja’s expertise and a solution that serves Greenled’s business comprehensively.

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