Trendi Kaihdin

Offering a wide range of blind, curtain and furniture solutions, Trendi Kaihdin provides comprehensive installation services alongside its products. To support its good growth rate, Trendi Kaihdin deployed Total ERP by Pinja, which offers comprehensive functionality for consumer and project sales alike.

The cooperation in brief

Trendi Kaihdin’s business growing strongly

The cooperation with Pinja started in spring 2021, when Trendi Kaihdin already had several good years of growth history. At times, the growth was so rapid that it became difficult to keep up. Therefore, an efficient and flexible ERP system was needed to support business.

The ability to adopt the reason for choosing Total ERP

Pinja’s solution came out on top in the comparison, mainly due to its flexibility and customizability. Trendi Kaihdin’s product offering is heavily tailored, so as turnover grew, managing the volume of data without an efficient system would have been virtually impossible.

Centralized ERP system supports turnkey trade

Having launched in early 2022, Total ERP is now used to support both project sales and consumer sales. The system allows unique packages to be priced flexibly and the information about the order with its individual details to flow in the same format throughout the supply chain.

In short, we have experienced a certain increase in professionalism with the deployment of Total ERP.

Matti Leppänen, Managing Director, Trendi Kaihdin

Custom products require a flexible process

Trendi Kaihdin, a specialist in versatile home comfort solutions, offers custom products and comprehensive deliveries for both corporate and consumer customers. The vast majority of products are delivered to customers as turnkey solutions. The company’s turnover has grown for many years, with an average annual growth rate of 10-15%.

– In practice, our sales are divided into two different lines. Firstly, we do normal consumer sales, and secondly, we do project sales, which involves a slightly more complex process, says Matti Leppänen, Managing Director of Trendi Kaihdin.

Project sales not only include the products themselves, but also a range of services, including design, measurement, customized implementation, and installation. This means that there are many details involved in a single order, and the information needs to be kept up to date throughout the project.

For example, a single project may cover an entire apartment building, with several floors and apartments with different product dimensions. In this type of large-scale project, delivery schedules also present their own challenges: you have to be able to break down the order into parts, each of which may have different delivery times.

Timeliness means that the products must not miss the agreed delivery time, but they must not arrive too early either. On top of that, schedules can also change along the way. An ERP system provides significant additional support, especially for large-scale projects that are difficult or even impossible to manage with human memory or an Excel spreadsheet.

Pricing also needs to be flexible, as the project can be priced on a square meter, unit or matrix basis, depending on the case. In addition to its staff of just under twenty employees, the company has a network of around ten trusted subcontractors.

– Naturally, the most important thing for the customer is ultimately high-quality products and good service, says Leppänen.

Easier bid calculation and real-time data flow

The whole range of products and related services not only requires a smooth process but also an efficient ERP system. Centralizing the ERP in a single system helps Trendi Kaihdin ensure a streamlined and reliable sales and delivery process, and that essential information is not lost along the way.

– Our turnover has grown at a good pace, sometimes quite dramatically. We were barely managing with the previous system up to a turnover of 1.5 million euros, but now that we have exceeded 3 million, a professional system is practically indispensable, says Leppänen.

Currently, the salesperson enters the relevant customer information into the ERP, such as main products and price lists, as well as the bids and deliveries that were made. Staff can use the system to monitor and manage leads, edit bids and monitor the development of financial figures, among other things. Trendi Kaihdin also manages billing and accounts receivable with the ERP.

– Our financial monitoring has evolved a lot with Total ERP. We can now monitor developments on a monthly basis, which is really necessary as our business grows, says Leppänen.

Important benefits of the deployment of the ERP system include the harmonization of data and practices, as well as the reliable flow of information from the design and bidding phase to production and installation. The system only changes the status of the project as it progresses, and the necessary information can be added and amended as required along the way.

– In short, we have experienced a certain increase in professionalism with the deployment of Total ERP. Now everyone receives a uniform order confirmation, regardless of the person. We are also able to avoid redundant work, even if we have more than one person handling the same case, Leppänen says.

As a trade is confirmed, the system prepares a bill that is virtually ready to be sent. In the future, it is also planned to introduce an installation calendar enabled by Total ERP, which makes it possible to manage the work of the installers and optimize time management, including geographical location and transport times with the help of map services.

Working with Trendi Kaihdin has also been rewarding for Pinja. Both Ari Harjula, Business Director, and Tuomo Ranua, Project Manager for the deployment, see Trendi Kaihdin as a client that wants to invest in the development of its processes.

– Trendi Kaihdin clearly understands the potential of a digital tool to significantly improve business. We have worked together in a good spirit. The client also has a nice, relaxed and honest way of doing things, says Ranua.

Images: Trendi Kaihdin

Trendi Kaihdin in a nutshell

95 % of sales consist of turnkey deliveries

30+ professionals at the customer’s disposal

10–15 % average annual turnover growth

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The secret of the long-term cooperation lies in good communication, Pinja’s expertise and a solution that serves Greenled’s business comprehensively.