Jydacom Oy is a software house specializing in the system needs of construction companies. The secret of Jydacom’s success is the industry-specific and comprehensive nature of the software – the solution covers all the core functions of the construction business. Together with Pinja, Jydacom has also developed reporting and analytics to meet specific client needs and provide a broad business intelligence view. There is also a strong software development partnership between the companies: three Pinja software developers are part of the Jydacom development team.

The cooperation in brief

The launch of the reporting and analytics development partnership

Jydacom and Pinja started adding reporting and analytics into Jydacom’s software solution in 2018. Initially, the partnership focused on the creation of targeted Power BI reports based on the specific needs of construction companies.

Diverse reporting and software development partnership

Since the initial phase, the partnership has expanded and diversified. Over the years, more modern and informative reports have been developed in close cooperation with end-users. In addition to standard reports, Pinja’s reporting expertise has been used to meet the more tailored needs of end clients. In addition, three software developers from Pinja are part of the Jydacom software development team.

Strength for market leadership

Since the end of 2021, Jydacom has been part of the leading Nordic construction software group EG. The aim is now to strengthen Jydacom’s position as the domestic market leader in a chosen target segment. Pinja will continue to complement Jydacom’s in-house product development team and provide flexibility and trusted helping hands on Jydacom’s growth path.

Cooperation with Pinja has worked well, and it has always been easy to agree on things with all Pinja’s staff members.

Hannu Mäkimattila, CEO, Jydacom Oy

Site monitoring and forecasting at the core

Jydacom’s 40-year history as a software partner for construction companies has gone through many different phases. Despite the downturns and booms in the construction industry, the underlying theme of Jydacom’s solutions has always remained the same: monitoring construction sites and the related financial flows, and predicting the future.

Jydacom’s clientele is largely made up of medium-sized construction companies, both in the building and civil engineering sectors. Clients are typically the main contractors on projects, so there is plenty to manage, both in terms of site resources and financial flows. Jydacom’s software solution is typically purchased when a client company starts to have several simultaneous projects running, and they are so large in scope that they can no longer be managed using Excel spreadsheets or lightweight standalone software.

– As an ERP system supplier, we are a vertical player whose competitive advantage lies in our industry-specific approach and understanding of clients. Many of our competitors’ ERP systems are generic solutions that have been adapted to the needs of construction companies. Our software has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of construction companies, says Timo Nirhamo, Product Manager at Jydacom.

Over the years, analytics and efficient reporting functionalities have also become increasingly important to end clients. Jydacom joined forces with Pinja in 2018 to develop this area. An important criterion for the partner selection was that Pinja had previous experience in similar collaborations focused on modern reporting and analytics. As reporting is its area of expertise, outsourcing it to Pinja, including the development, consulting, and maintenance, allows Jydacom to focus on other software development work and core competencies.

– Whether the company uses reporting for its own business needs or, as in our case, for the needs of hundreds of end clients, are two very different things. Pinja’s solution looked good from the start, and their expertise and grip on reporting was convincing. It was also good that we found a Power BI partner, as we also use Microsoft products in our own software development, says Nirhamo.

In the reporting development project, Pinja implemented Power BI reports for Jydacom clients based on the data warehouses that were embedded as an integral part of the Jydacom system. Some clients also wanted to tailor reports to their specific needs, in which case Pinja has acted as a direct consultant to the end client. As clients are different, the scalability of the reporting solution is also important.

– Overall, the reporting project went well, and we have recommended Pinja as a BI consultant to our clients without hesitation. Reporting is a broad area where needs vary from client to client, says Nirhamo.

Software development partnership gives flexibility to Jydacom’s own work

The cooperation between Jydacom and Pinja has gradually expanded, and a longer-term software development partnership was launched in autumn 2020. The partnership has also grown over time in this area, and currently three Pinja software developers are working on Jydacom product development.

In practice, Pinja’s employees work as part of Jydacom’s own development team. For Jydacom, it has been important that the partnership works smoothly, delivers results, and is flexible when needed. Pinja’s employees are perceived as competent and reliable at Jydacom.

– Cooperation with Pinja has worked well, and it has always been easy to agree on things with all Pinja’s staff members. In reporting, Pinja strengthened our team, as this was a new area for us, and in software development, Pinja will above all provide us with additional technical expertise for our own development work, says Hannu Mäkimattila, CEO of Jydacom.

Overall, the future looks bright for Jydacom, which also received additional support recently. In early December 2021, Jydacom Oy became part of EG Construction, the leading Nordic construction software company. The change brings a lot of positive momentum not only for Jydacom, but also for Jydacom’s clients.

– EG has a strong vertical strategy, and construction is a key focus area. Our common goal is to strengthen Jydacom’s position as the domestic market leader in our chosen segment of growing medium and large construction companies. Through EG, which operates in several Nordic countries, we can bring new ideas, proven practices, and also new, interesting products to our Finnish clients, says Mäkimattila.

Jydacom in a nutshell

1981 Jydacom launched

400+ Finnish construction clients

Approx. 50% of the 100 largest construction companies in Finland use the Jydacom system (Source: survey by the magazine Rakennuslehti)

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