Thanks to Pinja's systems, the maintenance work done to Teknikum's machines has become more efficient and the number of interruptions has reduced

Project in brief

The aim

The aim was to increase the efficiency of production and lead times.


The Machine Track by Pinja system was introduced.

Introducing Novi

Later, the Novi by Pinja maintenance system was also introduced.

To make the production profitable, the change-over time must be short. In this, Machine Track is clearly useful to us.

Esko Mäntyharju, Lead Manager, Teknikum

The challenge: A suitable system was needed to support more efficient production

Besides improving their own products, Teknikum tailor makes products based on the needs of individual clients. Teknikum has thousands of items in production. The Vammala factory is specialized in the production of mould products, industrial hoses and different polymer products. The factory in Kiikka makes rubber coated metals, mould products and PU products. Rubber mixtures are developed and produced in Kerava.

Lean manager, Esko Mäntyharju, says Teknikum needed to improve their production efficiency. This is why the group decided to acquire information on suitable management systems to increase production efficiency.

– We went to see a few companies that use the Machine Track by Pinja system in their production and we saw the system really could influence production times. Hearing user opinions was significant for us, Mäntyharju comments.

The solution: The measurements were used to reduce the number of interruptions and to address the problem areas of production

The Machine Track was first implemented in Teknikum’s rubber mixing factory in Kerava in 2013. The results were promising.

– We started to collect information about the operation of the mixing systems. By measuring the operations, we have reduced the amount of breaks in production and we have really been able to examine the problematic areas in production more closely, Mäntyharju explains.

Operators record every operational pause in machine functions in the Machine Track. If the pause is not acknowledged, the machine will not start. This ensures that the reason for the stop is always discovered. The follow up information of the machines and the reasons for any production breaks are displayed for all to see on the information screen on the factory floor.

No new equipment was needed because it was possible to integrate Machine Track’s user interface into the control panels of the production machines. The integration to the program logic of the manufacturing machines was done with opc technology.

Machine Track informs on the reasons the machines stop working and the wait times. Based on this information reparative procedures can be taken. With making custom products, the production amounts get smaller and product options increase. To make the production profitable, the change-over time must be short.

More efficiency for shop floor management with Pinja’s other systems

At the beginning of the 2016, Teknikum began using the Novi by Pinja management system and the Shop Floor Manager tool, which enhances Lean shop floor management.

A register of all the machines in the Vammala factory has been created into Novi. The maintenance history of all machines can be recorded in it. Maintenances can be managed and error reports given through Novi. With the help of Machine Track, Novi receives information on the maintenance response times. Teknikum’s 8 person maintenance team can conveniently use the system on a tablet.

– With Machine Track’s help we are moving from time based maintenances to operation based preventive maintenances. Now we have done maintenance work at set intervals even though the operational times haven’t been up. By changing to maintenances based on operations, we can avoid unnecessary maintenances and this means savings for us, Mäntyharju says.

– The Shop Floor Management system will bring big chances to our internal communications. Previously, someone always had to collect and print the data to be presented from different sources. Issues were discussed with a delay in the monthly information surveys. In the future, all the needed information will be acquired automatically and in real-time for everyone to see. Information distribution will be significantly improved and our operations will be more transparent, Mäntyharju rejoices.

Teknikum in a nutshell

30+ Years in business

4 Product categories

5 Factories

530+ Employees

59,9 M Revenue (2020)

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